Athletic Improvement
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Athletic Improvement

Stay fit, healthy, enhance your techniques or prevent injuries with our specialized Athletic Improvement Classes.

Foot Training

This is a class for athletes that want to improve their performance and prevent injuries through increased mobility around joints.


It is a slow class that moves all your muscles from toes to fingers.

Foam Roller

In this class we work with your Myofascial tissue.


It is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.


The foam rolling class is for everyone and will allow you to release any stress that your muscles have built up through exercise or other components.


This class really goes deep into the muscle for a self- massage, using our rollers; we can achieve longer, less sore muscles to achieve the best fitness levels possible.


A low intensity class that increases flexibility of your muscles with big movements, dynamic stretches and functional exercises!



Running Technique

Here is your chance to improve your endurance and posture.


With simple exercises we will work on how to hold your body, use your legs, feet and arms.


There are no long runs, max 100 metres at a time, a lot of coordination and flow runs.

Shadow Boxing

The old martial art from China is good for both body and mind. In shadow boxing, punches and punch combinations against the air are trained without any opponent or punching bag.


Punching technique, covering or footwork can be trained wonderfully alone in the open air, in front of a mirror or in the boxing ring. Since you are not distracted by any opponent, you can focus on your own movements and reactions with some practice and consciously perceive your own body.

By the way, shadow boxing is also a wonderful warm-up training for the body.

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