Swimming at Playitas Resort is a unique experience. Under Fuerteventura's warm sun you will profit from perfect conditions that allow you to become stronger and faster each day.

Just dive right in!

The best thing about swimming at Playitas?


Maybe it's the Olympic Swimming Pool?


...the underground gallery to monitor your swimming technique...


...or maybe the fact that you can swim open air all year round?


We can't decide what's the best thing about swimming at Playitas Resort – so just dive in and make your own decision!


Hall Of Fame

  • Sebastian Kienle
    Long Distance Triathlete
    Sebastian Kienle

    Sebastian Kienle has been European Champion twice, he won the World Championship title over the IRONMAN 70.3 distance twice and with the the victory at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii he achieved the greatest thing the world of triathlon has to offer.

  • Anja Ippach
    Long Distance Triathlete
    Anja Ippach

    Anja Ippach has achieved it all: the German triathlete won the world famous IRONMAN World Championship twice and was able to win the European Championship over the IRONMAN 70.3 distance.

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"Swimming is simply moving meditation."

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