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15. abr.21. abr. 2024

  • 08:0045´Basic Sports

    Running Technique with Stephane

    08:0015´Group Workout

    Playitas Sun Salutation with Elke

    09:0045´Group Workout

    BENCHMARK WOD with Stephane

    09:0045´Group Workout

    Body Conditioning with Elke

    09:0060´Basic Sports

    Intermediate Open Padel Match - unsupervised

    09:0060´Basic Sports

    Intermediate Open Tennis Match - unsupervised

    10:0045´Group Workout

    Cycle Class with Guest Instructor Kresten

    10:0045´Group Workout

    Foam Roller with Leo

    10:0045´Group Workout

    LES MILLS CORE ™ with Guest Insructor Momo Younis

    10:3045´Social Events

    Beach Volleyball Skills Clinic with Oliver Kook

    10:3045´Group Workout

    TRX YOGA with Elke

    11:0045´Group Workout

    Olympic Lifting with Stephane

    11:0045´Group Workout

    Abs, Legs, Glutes with Leo

    11:0045´Group Workout

    LES MILLS BODYBALANCE™ with Guest Instructor Momo Younis

    11:3045´Social Events

    Social Volleyball with Oliver Kook

    12:0045´Social Events

    Social football (Unsupervised)

    12:0045´Group Workout

    Trampoline Fitness with Birthe Juhl Jumping Fitness

    13:0045´Events for Kids

    Kids Social Football 8-15 years (Unsupervised)

    13:0090´Group Workout

    Hatha Aerial Yoga with Emma V

    15:0030´Group Workout

    Aqua Yoga with Elke & Emma V

    15:0045´Group Workout

    Mobility Flow with Leo

    16:0045´Social Events

    Social Volleyball (Unsupervised)

    16:0045´Group Workout

    METCON with Stephane

    16:0045´Basic Sports

    Pilates with Alejandro

    16:0060´Basic Sports

    Pickeball Try Lesson

    16:0060´Basic Sports

    Intermediate Open Padel Match - unsupervised

    16:1545´Group Workout

    TRX YOGA with Elke

    17:0045´Basic Sports

    PrimalFit with Stephane

    17:0045´Group Workout

    LES MILLS GRIT ™ Cardio with Guest Instructor Momo Younis

    17:0045´Basic Sports

    Fascia release with Emma V

    17:1590´Basic Sports

    Sammolahari® Yoga with Elke

    18:0045´Group Workout

    Social Evening Basketball (unsupervised)

    18:0040´Group Workout

    Stretch & Relax with Alejandro

    21:0060´Social Events

    Music Quiz with Kitty & Alejandro

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