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Tennis Courts

Are you a passionate Tennis player and want to hit the ball with a scenic view over the ocean? Book a Tennis Class or rent one of our Tennis Courts. 


Ready To Hit The Ball?

Besides renting a court to play on your own, you can join professional tennis classes with experienced coaches of the tennis school Matchpoint.


The coach will make sure to provide classes customized to your level and your needs.


You can choose between group- or individual lessons no matter if you are a beginner or advanced player. The classes cover a wide range of coachings:


  • Special coaching for kids and beginners
  • Individual coaching for advanced players


No matter if you are interested in playing with a partner or with your friends for fun or if you want to improve your technique through a tennis lesson with a professional tennis coach - we offer all possibilities! 


For any information about equipment, court rental or tennis lessons, get in touch with the Sports Booking Office which will be pleased to help you.

Tennis Courts

At Playitas Resort we offer five artificial turf and quartz sand courts.


The courts can be lit, so you are able to continue playing in the evening.

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Sports Booking

Sports Booking

If you are looking for an excellent Tennis Coach and want to book a Tennis Class individually or in a group, get in contact with the Sports Booking office for all information.


Also, if you got a match partner already, you can rent one of the courts on your own!


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Want to challenge other tennis players and show of your skills?


Participate in our frequently held tournaments and play in single or double matches!



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