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Playitas Resort

Eighth edition of the Bestial Race Fuerteventura, the most #bestial race of Fuerteventura awaits you, a new route through desert mountains, beaches and finishing in Playitas Resort, new obstacles and a spectacular set up await you in the second appointment of the calendar of the Bestial Race 2024.

You can participate in the following modalities, the Elite and Starter where this year you can participate in this competitive batch against the best obstacle racers of the islands, OSO regulation where you can not miss any obstacle. The General batches, the most fun and participatory of all, individual participation, in teams or pairs, help is allowed and you can fail obstacles penalizing with #burpees. 

Another novelty for this year is a new route: with 3 routes, one of 3 km for anyone who wants to start and two routes of 6 km and 9 km so you can enjoy all the obstacles of the race and the tests that we are preparing for you. Where you can demand more and overcome the biggest challenges against the clock or enjoy the course with your team or partner.


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Bestial Race
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