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Themed Weeks

Our ‘Themed Weeks’ are Sports events weeks that are organized by sports and business partners of Playitas Resort.

You can sign up directly for these using the details shown next to each event.

If you would like to organize a ‘themed week’ with us then please contact our ‘Groups and Events’ department or call us on +34 928 860 400. 

2019 Mar

01.03.2019 to 12.03.2019

For the 14th time, the very popular Trainingscamp with the Motto will be organized in Las Playitas. From 01.03.2019 – 12.03.2019 we offer our Triathlon Camp on a family atmosphere with professional sporty leading. The courses will be taught in German.


02.03.2019 to 16.03.2019

Warm, sunny and stable weather conditions while training? This camp with Ursula & Christian Manunzio will not leave any wishes unsatisfied. Both of them are very experienced, Christian has a diploma in sports sciences and a trainer license and Ursula is sports doctor and triathlete.

11.03.2019 to 25.03.2019

Book your all-fitness-inclusive holiday in the fantastic Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura.

We offer more than 200 courses, workshops, seminars and social activities during the event. The international hosts have prepared for you a wide variety of fitness courses in any form of group courses.

16.03.2019 to 30.03.2019

I want to escape the cold, wet and gray winter and prepare you for the new triathlon season in spring-like conditions?

Then come with us from 16.3.-30.3.19 in DATEV Challenge Roth Camp under the sun of Fuerteventura. We offer you a diversified and entertaining triathlon training camp in preparation for the 2019 triathlon season.


30.03.2019 to 13.04.2019

It does not matter if you are a beginner, advanced or very ambitious triathlete. The training concept of Hannes Hawaii Tours is for everyone. Apart from the training and the talks, the fun within the group is the most important thing.



La Pared powered by Playitas

Do you love watersports? Then check out our new sports resort La Pared!

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Key start for a new life!
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