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Themed Weeks

Our ‘Themed Weeks’ are Sports events weeks that are organized by sports and business partners of Playitas Resort.

You can sign up directly for these using the details shown next to each event.

If you would like to organize a ‘themed week’ with us then please contact our ‘Groups and Events’ department or call us on +34 928 860 400. 

2018 Dec

27.12.2018 to 05.01.2019

Ute Mückel is a former junior europian champion in swimming and a 3 times IRONMAN winner. She studied sport and geography and is a swimmcoach since 2005.


2019 Jan

18.01.2019 to 08.02.2019

This active winter holiday with a training camp character is all about the season preparation.
Emphasis for beginners and advanced are set in aerobic basic and strength training as well as in the improvement of motor skills and the theory behind Triathlon.

19.01.2019 to 02.02.2019

We will guide you, in theory and practice, to your pace of competition in swimming, cycling and running.  We clarify your questions, such as: Which preparatory races are sensible? Athletics units and regenerative measures or preparation for units complete our common days. 

Playitas Triathlon Training Camp with Edith Niederfriniger_teaser
19.01.2019 to 25.01.2019

Join Edith Niederfriniger for individual swimming, cycling and running in the Trisutto Triathlon training camp at Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura.

At the camp, you will receive personalized advice as you train your swimming, cycling and running techniques. There is always the opportunity to ask questions to improve your training results and techniques.

The camp is open to every level. The training sessions are individually designed to give every athlete the best.

21.01.2019 to 04.02.2019

Book your all-fitness-inclusive holiday in the fantastic Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura.

We offer more than 200 courses, workshops, seminars and social activities during the event. The international hosts have prepared for you a wide variety of fitness courses in any form of group courses.



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