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Themed Weeks

Our ‘Themed Weeks’ are Sports events weeks that are organized by sports and business partners of Playitas Resort.

You can sign up directly for these using the details shown next to each event.

If you would like to organize a ‘themed week’ with us then please contact our ‘Groups and Events’ department or call us on +34 928 860 400. 

2019 Apr

27.04.2019 to 11.05.2019

Thanks to 17 years as a professional athlete, winning the worldcup, participating in the Olympics in 2008 and coaching other athletes, Ricarda Lisk has a lot of experience: “I am looking forward to getting to know all the participants and I will ensure that everybody will find his individual performance group.”

2019 May

02.05.2019 to 09.05.2019

Get fever pitched on this 7 night fitness holiday brought to you by 3ness and incorporating some of the UK's finest Fitness companies and the entertainment from Eddie Nestor and Robbie Gee. The 7 days  will be filled with fantastic Fitness classes, Themed Party Nights, Pool Party, Show, BBQ evening and of course plenty of sunshine and relaxation.


11.05.2019 to 18.05.2019

It does not matter if you are a beginner, advanced or very ambitious triathlete. The training concept of Hannes Hawaii Tours is for everyone. Apart from the training and the talks, the fun within the group is the most important thing.

International OCR Training Camp
15.05.2019 to 19.05.2019

Between May 15th and May 19th the International Training Camp will be held for the first time at Playitas Resort in preparation for the Bestial Race. The camp will have high-level coaches; including world and national obstacles champions, as well as coaches specialized in different disciplines that will help you to improve your techniques.

16.05.2019 to 23.05.2019

ESCAPE is the only holiday of its kind to focus on dance styles from the African Diaspora, including African, Hip Hop and Dancehall. Led by elite professional dance tutors for a limited number of guests. It is designed to be a unique, invigorating, holistic mind, body and soul experience



La Pared powered by Playitas

Do you love watersports? Then check out our new sports resort La Pared!

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