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Gold TravelifeThe Playitas Resort has been rewarded with the gold medal by Travellife for our commitment to improve the sustainability.
One of the factors taken into account is source segregated recycling of paper, plastic, glass and organic materials throughout the resort.
We are thankful for the thoughtful use of the recycling points as well as the reasonable use of water by our guests.


Be part of making a difference

Sustainable tourism requires the protection of the natural environment and ensures that local communities benefit from your visit. In Playitas we have taken simple and effective steps to reduce energy and water consumption during your vacation. To learn more about our sustainability policy, objectives and plans of action have a look at the information board located in the hallway outside the Olympic pool.

How can you help?

  • Buy locally produced goods.
  • Choose local made handcrafts and souvenirs.
  • Verify beforehand that excursions involve local suppliers.
  • Instead of taking a bath have a quick, refreshing shower.
  • Reuse bath-, pool- or beach towels instead of changing them every day.
  • Set the thermostat or turn off the heating or air conditioning.
  • Turn off the lights and the TV when you leave the apartment (do not leave TV on stand-by).
  • Use ecologic bags instead plastic bags. You can buy them in our supermarket.
  • In case of buying bottled water, we recommend you to choose large bottles (2l/5l).
  • Use the Resort`s recycling stations.
  • Don’t buy products made from wild plants or endangered animals.
  • Use public transport, cycle or walk to reach your destination when possible.
  • Help us with our solidary cause to collect “plastic caps for a new life”.



In Playitas we like to promote recycling; making a commitment to take the necessary measures for the progressive reduction of the environmental impact generated by our activities. Here we present our recycling policy based on the following principles:

Recycling policy for customers and staff at Playitas:

  • Recycling points for customers and workers in the Hotel, Apart Hotel and Villas, behind the restaurants, kitchen areas, buffets, staff canteen, staff housing and management accommodation:


    - Yellow Containers: polystyrene trays, plastic bags, plastic containers, transparent film, cans, beverage cans, foil and metal lids.

    - Green containers: glass bottles, glasses, glass jars.

    - Blue bins: paper bags, cardboard boxes, cartons, egg cartons, books, paper towels, newspapers, magazines and envelopes.

    - Black bins: organic waste.

  • Containers for used batteries are available in both receptions.
  • Recycling plastic bottle tops in special containers "plugs for a new life" (Reception, Golf, Swimming Pool, etc.)
  • In the kitchens cooking oil is recycled by an authorized company.
  • Playitas Resort is registered in the Register of Small Producers of Toxic and Hazardous Waste Directorate General for Nature Protection, as provided in Decree 51/1995 of 24 March 1995. We are registered for the following hazardous wastes:


    - Waste paint and varnish containing organic solvents or other dangerous substances

    - Packaging containing residues of hazardous substances or contaminated by them

    - Chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous substances

    - Solvents

    - Fluorescent tubes and other mercury-containing waste

    - Batteries and accumulators (Lead Batteries, Ni-Cd Batteries or batteries containing mercury)

    For the collection and subsequent treatment of this hazardous waste there are cooperation agreements and appropriate contracts between Playitas and duly authorized companies who specialize in the management of such waste. These activities are well logged and archives from each transaction are available.

  • For different types of residues from the above mentioned which cannot be deposited in the usual containers for light packaging, paper and glass we have a service contract with a licensed waste separation and recycling of solid waste company who offer and maintain a storage box which is collected as required.

In order to ensure the implementation and maintenance of an efficient environmental management system the General Director of Playitas has assigned the human and material resources necessary for establishing and reviewing compliance with environmental objectives in accordance with our commitment. In particular we have a process of continuous training of personnel on key aspects contained in this policy.

For additional information about our activities in sustainability (improvement plans, consumption reports, annual reports, cooperation with local events, etc.) you can write your request to


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Key start for a new life!
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