Playitas Social Media Codex

Social Media Codex

This is the official Playitas Resort website where you can share and discuss your experiences and visits at Playitas Resort.

Show a polite and respectful behavior!

Feel free to share personal pictures and videos of your visit at Playitas Resort with us and the Playitas Community on all our social media platforms.


We constantly provide you with exclusive content about our resort and offer you insights into an active and healthy way of living.


As we do not want to delete any of your posts, we are kindly asking you, to consider the following:

Please show off a polite and respectful behavior!


We are always very happy seeing your posts and comments and are excited to have great dialogues with you. We want to make sure that all people are being treated respectfully.


Please don't share any offensive content!

There is no space for offensive, indecent and inappropriate content or postings on any of our social media channels and our website.


All postings are monitored. Because of this, we reserve the right of removing spam, advertisement for third parties, insults, unlawful or improper postings.


Write Us!

If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to contact us as we are pleased to answer them.


We are happy to welcome you in our Playitas Community and hope to keep in touch with you!