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Order your drinks

Order your drinks

In your hotel room you’ll find a minibar for your use. If you’d like to use this service, please fill in the products you want to order, add your details and send in the form. Your drinks will be automatically charged to your account. If you want to make another order, please fill in a new form. We remind you that we don’t accept returns of unused items or pay refunds on them.

Please make sure you fill in all your details (name, booking number, arrival date and email address) before sending in the form. Without this information, Playitas Resort can’t guarantee to have your order ready on your arrival.

Each order has an additional charge of € 3.

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La Pared powered by Playitas

Do you love watersports? Then check out our new sports resort La Pared!

Cycling shoes
Cycling shoesmore
Sport Pedicure
Sport Pedicuremore
Key start for a new life!
Key start for a new life!
Contact: Sports booking(DIAL 5005) OR sportsbooking@playitas.netmás


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