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Restaurants & Bars

At Playitas Resort we pay special attention to the dining options. We have different types of restaurants to choose from and different bars to go to for snacks & drinks during the day.


At the Playitas Resort buffets we provide the breakfast, lunch and dinner services for the Hotel and the Aparthotel.


You’ll find a variety of meal options with ingredients that are carefully selected to suit sports lovers, made into in a range of excellent quality and highly nutritious dishes.


As healthy and energizing food is one of the most important factors to think of when you're being very active, we want to make sure that this part is fully covered and you will only need to focus on your training and workouts.


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La Bodega Restaurant

In Plaza Rambla you will find our "à la carte Restaurant" where traditional flair meets a warm, inviting atmosphere.


La Bodega has the perfect ambiance for families and friends looking for a cozy ambiance.


Furthermore you have the option to enjoy your lunch or dinner on the restaurant´s terrace where you can revel in the fantastic views.


Enquire at the hotel or aparthotel reception about opening hours, as they vary depending on the season.


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