Welcome to the TAU Spa Wellness and Beauty Centre, a wonderful oasis to relax and be indulge by our beauty experts after an intense training. You can find the Tau Spa directly next to the Olympic Pool.


At the Tau Spa we work with a Spa- concept adapted to the needs of each client to provide individual experience.


Enjoy a unique atmosphere and discover the concepts of relaxation, wellness and health. We welcome you to our extensive facilities where you can discover the invigorating power of water and try out our sports-, body-, facial- and beauty treatments.


For all your wellness requirements, we offer a large variety of individual services and a wide range of massages with particular emphasis on sport massage.


TAU Spa has four treatment rooms designed for individual and, above all, effective treatment, in a pleasant, private setting.


Our Wellness-therapists will do everything possible to make your stay at the TAU Spa Center to an unforgettable experience.

Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is part of the ancient tradition of purifying baths from which the sauna is also derived.


When an environment has a higher level of steam than the amount of water on the epidermis, a layer of moisture forms on the skin and warms the body.

The simultaneous action of steam and controlled heat aids lymphatic circulation, dilutes toxins and helps to expel them, invigorating and relaxing the body.


Thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, the Turkish bath is one of the best ways to combat the stress and tension we suffer every day.


The Spa uses natural water at various temperatures, alternating hot and cold areas to improve muscle function and stimulate the capacity of the human organism to naturally recover physical and emotional balance and wellbeing.


One of the hot areas is our jacuzzi, where you can relax and benefit from the effects, including muscle relief and a lowering of blood pressure.


A sauna has a restorative effect on our bodies and its benefits can be appreciated with just 15 minutes of use.


Because a sauna uses heat, the body starts to sweat as a cooling mechanism. Sweat affects the skin but not the deep tissue, providing a positive effect on the nervous and endocrine system.

Cold Water Pool

Post exercise recovery is very important for everyone who does sport.


Recent studies have demonstrated that the cold water pool is one of the best options for immediate recovery after exercise.

Relaxation Room

For full recovery, try the relaxation room, where you’ll find comfortable loungers for a relaxing finish to your TAU Spa treatments.



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