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Questions About Your Stay At Playitas

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1. When can I check-in?
Check in starts at 15:00hrs
2. When can I check-out?
Check out is till 11:00hrs.
3.What are the reception opening hours?
We are open 24/7.
4. Can I reserve a parking lot?
There are plenty of parking lots for free at Playitas Resort. There is no need to reserve a parking lot. 
5. Is half or full board available?
Half board as well as full board is available. 
6. Is it possible to upgrade to an all inclusive service?
No, as we do not offer an all inclusive service.
7. Can I bring my pet?
Sorry – pets are not allowed in the hotel.
8. Do you offer an airport transfer?
We do not offer a special airport transfer. However you have a few options to choose from. You can come by taxi which is around € 55. There is no need to book the taxi in advance as there is only one taxi company. You can come by car rental through They have an office at Playitas and you can request them to pick up the car at the airport and leave it at the hotel for you. A lot of our guests book transfers with Canary Shuttle. Services are around €10 per way.
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Questions About Booking

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1. Can I book without a credit card?
Yes it is possible through direct booking. However if you book though our website it is not possible to book without a credit card.
2. Which online payment methods to you offer?
We only offer payment through credit card.
3. Which credit cards are accepted?
We accept all credit cards.
4. Can I book a stay for groups online?
For groups of more than 12 people please get in touch with or
5. Till when can I cancel my booking?
You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before check in.
6. How can I change or cancel my reservation?
Direct bookings can be changed by . If you made your reservations through others. You have to get in touch with the agency where your trip was booked.



Questions About



1. What room sizes are available?
Playitas Hotel: Double (31 m²), Junior (30 m²), Room with  privat pool (room: 76 m², privat pool: 22,5m²)
Aparthotel: Studio (36 m²), Apartments (52 m²)
Villa: Size: 115 m², Terrace: 100 m², Privat pool: 22,5 m²
2. Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel/in the room?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available in the hotel as well as in the room.
3. Do you offer rooms for handicapped people?
Yes, we do have rooms accessible for handicapped people.
4. Can I book two rooms from different categories?
Yes, you can.
5. Do you offer non-smoking rooms?
All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms.
6. Do you have a spa ?
At the moment the Spa is closed due to COVID-19. What we do offer is a wide range of massages.



Questions About The Restaurant/ Bar

1. Are table reservations possible in your restaurant?
Yes, table reservations are possible. However it always depends on the availability. Reservations can be made at the reception desk.

2. Are special requests, such as gluten-free meals, manageable?
Yes, just get in touch with the reception or email

3. Do you offer vegan or vegetarian meals?
Yes, we offer vegan and vegetarian meals.

4. When is breakfast/lunch/dinner served?
Breakfast is served from  07:30 – 10:30,  Lunch from 12:30 14:30, Dinner at the hotel from 18:30 – 21:00 and at the Aparthotel from: 18:30 – 21:00. Subject to change.

5. Where is breakfast/lunch/dinner being served?
At the Aparthotel we serve breakfast and dinner. When you stay at the hotel we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
6. Can I have dinner at your restaurant if I stay at the Aparthotel?
Normally not, however if you get in contact with us, we can make an exception. Just ask someone at the reception and they will be more than happy to help you out.  Depending on the booking situation.

7. What are the opening hours of La Bodega Bar and Da Luigi?
La Bodega is open every day from 18:30 – 22:00 (currently no lunch service is provided). Da Luigi Every is open every day from 19:00 – 22:00 except Monday. Subject to change. 
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Questions About Sports Activities

Sport Booking Teaser
1. How much does it cost to book a personal trainer?
A personal trainer is 75 € per hour.
2. Do you offer swimming courses for beginners?
Yes, we do, through our partner Sharky-matchpoint. They are at the resort every day at 11:00 am in front of the sports booking centre.
3. What are the opening hours of the leisure pool?
It is open from 08:00 am until 20:00 pm.
4. Where can I book a line for the Olympic Pool?
You can book a line via Price for a shared line is € 3.50 per use and € 19.50 for individual use. Only guests can book in advance. External customers must book on-site based on availability, you can ask about the prices in the Sports Booking office.
5. Do you have padel tennis courts?
Yes, we do have 4 padel courts.
6. Can I play Badminton?
Yes you can, but you have to book a space in advance. It is € 10 for space rental for 1 hour. It is € 15 for space rental plus rackets. During Covid-19 Badminton can only be played with family/room members.
7. Can I do sports at the resort when I am a non-guest?
People who are not Playitas guests can only use the Olympic pool, golf course and tennis courts. Yoga and other activities in the sports program are exclusive for our guests.
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Questions About Special Requests

1. I have been visiting Playitas for many years now – can you offer something special for my visit?
We will welcome you with a nice bottle of Cava.
2. We are on honeymoon – can you offer something special for us?
You will find a bottle of Cava in your room and you will get an upgrade to sea view (depending of availability).
3. It is my birthday during my stay at Playitas – do you offer something special?
Up to 11 y.o we offer a birthday cake. Up to 17 y.o. a non-alcoholic cocktail and from 18 y.o. a bottle of Cava. 
4. Is Babysitting available?
Yes, it is available externally. Please email for your request.
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Have anymore questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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