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Summercamp by Yasin Seiwasser & Frank Stäbler

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Playitas Resort

Free your secret power 

Imagine you are on your extraordinary holiday in a magical place, surrounded by mountains by the beautiful sea. You can finally let go of your everyday worries and problems completely. In addition, you fill up with a new mental and physical strength, which you probably thought impossible until now. 
How would it feel if, after just one week, you were bursting with positive energy, or could even change your life as a result? 
In this magical week, let yourself be guided through the highs and lows of inner power and deep feelings. Special techniques will get your invisible powers flowing. 
You can look forward to a seminar that will be offered for the first time in such an unprecedented constellation. 
Special training for an energetic, vital and at the same time relaxed start into the day. Every morning at sunrise in a magical atmosphere (7:30-8:30 am).
Exercises from the Seiwasser programme, The Golden Power Flow, Chi Kung forms - meditation in movement, effective breathing techniques for various areas from health & immune system to emotions such as fear, courage, self-confidence, self-knowledge. 
Out of the head and into the body (5-6:30 pm). Under this motto, participants can expect a whole range of extraordinary activities. Through various sessions in the area of strength training, functional training, coordination - and cardio training. There will be sessions where you will be pushed to your limits (each at their own level, of course) and get to know yourself in a completely new way. There will be a special stretching programme combined with breathing techniques for lightness, flexibility and well-being. There will be extraordinary challenges and exercises to overcome fears and pressure.
In addition, Frank Stäbler will give a motivational talk in which he will impressively transfer his experiences from sport to everyday life and professional life.
Frank Stäbler will ignite the fire of motivation in you with his charismatic and likeable manner.

For entrepreneurs, employees, people with slight health problems, amateur athletes as well as professional and Olympic athletes. Discover the unique combination of these teachings for your life now!

Weekly schedule:
10.09.2022 Arrival
11.09.2022 Welcome and discussion of the schedule (6 pm) 
12-16.09.2022 Seminar
16.09.2022 Farewell party from 9pm
17.09.2022 Journey home

Cost: 750€ per participant 

We are looking forward to a week of CLEANSING and SHARING of MIND, BODY & SOUL together.

Yasin & Frank

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The seminar will be held in German.

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Mind, body & soul


Yasin Seiwasser & Frank Stäbler
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