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Playitas Resort

Playitas Summer Kids Camp, organized by C.D.B Las Playitas, is for  children from 8 to 15 years old. It offers fun, education, and the chance to try new sports and make new friends. It has professional supervision, high-quality facilities and a safe environment. It is a perfect place for children who want to improve their sports skills and have fun at the same time. This summer camp is an unforgettable experience that provides children with a unique and enriching experience.

The camp offers educational values through the promotion of the physical, social and personal development of the participants. It offers a wide range of sports activities and the opportunity to acquire new experiences. The camp teaches responsibility, discipline, and teamwork, as well as promoting health and fitness.

Event dossier here.

Aimed at Spanish-speaking children

For more information and reservations you can contact via email with cdblasplayitas@gmail.com or by phone 611168546

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CDB. Las Playitas
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