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Playitas Resort

Since 2015, the H2O-BLOXX coaching team has been organizing training camps in swimming and triathlon in Europe with growing popularity. The experienced swimming and triathlon coaching team will also be with us at Playitas in the future. This camp focuses on swimming and triathlon. There will be a beginner group as well as an advanced swimmer and triathlete group.

For the swimmers among you, the experienced RUS swim trainer and A-license trainer Marco Henrichs (author of the book Kraultechnik - With more individuality for success) leads two swimming units a day. The focus is on the crawl technique basics, various crawl movement sequences (in order to achieve optimum performance for you) as well as open water-oriented training. Marco is known for his individual and very targeted training methods. There is no copy and paste crawl style for him. During the camp he will feel his way towards your individual optimum, taking into account timekeeping.

The triathletes among you train once a day with Marco in the water and the cycling and running units with different focuses are led by professional triathlete and tri-trainer Fabian Rahn and triathlete and trainer Antje Laschewski (also known from TriTime Woman)

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The course languages ​​are German and English

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Triathlon and swimming