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In compliance with the provisions of art. 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society (LSSI), from PLAYITAS we inform you that for the correct navigation and use of this web page the installation of cookies is required.

The purpose of the installation, and therefore treatment of personal data associated with the use of this technology is the configuration of technical measures of security, personalization, and basic operation of the web (technical cookies), as well as the analysis of the step by the website of visitors and users (analytical cookies) and the configuration and sample of basic advertising (advertising cookies).

The period of retention of the data collected by the cookies will be the one indicated in the table that appears later, in this same section. The term will count from the end of each session of the user on the website.

You can choose whether or not to give your consent to the installation of the cookies of PLAYITAS, in the case of not accepting them, or blocking them, browsing the page may not be correct. Among the most common failures for the non-installation of cookies is the error in loading multimedia content, the inability to enter the client zone or to configure preferences for the use of the page.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which store user information and are stored on your own device, whether PC, Tablet or mobile.

Who issues the cookies and for what?

Cookies are issued by a web page, in order to improve the user's browsing experience, as well as to analyse their actions within the web. Cookies allow the website that has issued them to remember the user's choices and browsing characteristics.

What types of cookies are there?

The cookies can be catalogued according to 3 criteria:

1. Entity that manages them: If they are their own or from third parties.

2. Term in which they remain active: Session or persistent cookies.

3. According to its purpose:

a. Technical cookies (do not require consent)

b. Personalization cookies.

c. Analysis cookies

d. Advertising cookies

c. Behavioural advertising cookies.

How do I manage cookies on my devices?

You choose whether or not to accept the installation of cookies on this website,, on your devices. You can choose the direct blocking of the installation of cookies from your browser, as well as you can choose the installation of some and the deletion of others.

How to configure cookies according to your browser:

1. Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Configuration. For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or browser Help.

2. Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy> History> Custom Settings. For more information, you can check Mozilla support or browser Help.

3. Chrome: Settings> Show advanced options> Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, you can check Google support or browser Help.

4. Safari: Preferences> Security. For more information, you can check Apple support or browser Help.

5. Opera: Settings> Options> Advanced> For more information, you can consult Opera support or browser Help.

* These settings may not be available on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

* If you use another browser different from the previous ones, consult its policy of installation, use and blocking of cookies.

Cookies used on this website

The following is a list of the cookies used on this website. This list is not limited.

Own cookies

infCookie5 years  Used to show or not, the notice of the first layer of information about the use of cookies on the web. .

Third Party Cookies

IDEAdvertisementDoubleclick.net19 monthsThey are advertising cookies; they are used for improving advertisement. They are often used for targeting advertising based on the relevant content for the user. They improve the campaign and avoid showing repetitive ads.


PLAYITAS and Google Analytics

_ga2 years since creation or modification  It is used to differentiate between users and sessions. It is created when loading the JavaScript analytics.js library. This cookie is updated each time you send the data to Google Analytics.  
_gat10 minutes from creation or modificationIt is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. It is created when loading the JavaScript analytics.js library. This cookie is updated each time you send the data to Google Analytics.  
_gid1 dayUsed to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. It is created when loading the JavaScript analytics.js library. This cookie is updated each time you send the data to Google Analytics.    

Google, Inc. has its servers in the United States of America, and is attached to the Privacy Shield agreement (shield of security) which protects the data processing as well as the international transfer of the same, under the terms of the agreement USA - EU in relation to the processing of personal data. More information:


Cookies in Social networks and Internet services

Likewise, you must take into account that third party cookies will be installed to all visitors of the following platforms on which PLAYITAS has a page and / or company profile:

1. Facebook: Cookies, pixels and other similar technologies

2. Twitter: Data Protection Policy and cookies

3. Pinterest: Privacy policy and cookies

4. G + and YouTube:

Updating of the cookies policy and use of other cookies.

With the technological evolution, the use of different cookies is very possible, so if you implement the use of cookies that affect your privacy in a different way to those you have previously authorized, we will inform you and request your consent.



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