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Themed Weeks

Our ‘Themed Weeks’ are Sports events weeks that are organized by sports and business partners of Playitas Resort.

You can sign up directly for these using the details shown next to each event.

If you would like to organize a ‘themed week’ with us then please contact our ‘Groups and Events’ department or call us on +34 928 860 400. 

2018 Mar

Playitas_Training Camp_Teaser
22.03.2018 to 02.04.2018

For the 13th time, we will organize a popular training camp in the hotel complex in Las Playitas according to the motto Our Triathlon Camp with a familiar atmosphere and professional sports supervision will be from 22.03.2019-02.04.2018. 

We offer you target-oriented training in various performance groups in three disciplines: 

Guided swimming training in different performance groups on reserved swim lanes  

The courses will be in German. 

Playitas Camp Hannes Hawaii Tours_teaser
24.03.2018 to 07.04.2018

You are bored with bad weather, but you miss the sun, the beach and the sea, and you would like to get fit. So, at Camp 6 you have the great opportunity to be guided by a real professional through two weeks of training. 

The courses will be taught in German.

2018 Apr

Playitas Camp Hannes Hawaii Tours_teaser
07.04.2018 to 21.04.2018

The sun and good weather make Fuerteventura a paradise for triathletes. In Camp 7, Bennie Lindberg and Christopher Nordmeyer, a duo of coaches with a great experience in training dynamics, technique training and resistance development, are waiting for you.

The courses will be taught in German.

Playitas Camp Hannes Hawaii Tours_teaser
21.04.2018 to 05.05.2018

The sun and climate of Fuerteventura make the island a paradise for triathletes. Come and get ready for next IRONMAN! There isn‘t a better training place to prepare for the big challenge. It will be supervised by the triathlon world champion Daniel Unger (2007).

The courses will be taught in German.

2018 May

Heat Camp
02.05.2018 to 10.05.2018


Island Flavours and Geestor team up with FitFever to present HEAT the Ultimate party getaway. Your stay will be filled with Pulsating Parties, Brilliant BBQ’s, Fantastic Fitness and that’s not all. There will also be games, competitions, a variety show, boat trip and of course plenty of sunshine.



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