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Playitas Resort is one of the largest training centres in Europe. Top international athletes in many sports and disciplines come to Playitas Resort to prepare for the world’s most important sports events, including the 2016 Rio Olympics, for which we’re an official training base of the Swedish Olympic team (SOK).
As well as catering for professional sport, we offer many other activities for amateurs, such as sports meets, week-long events for particular sports, and cycling and hiking excursions.
We also promote grassroots sport by giving the youngest members of the family the chance to have their first sports experience at our Kids Sports Academy, run by qualified instructors for the champions of the future.

Sport Pedicure
Sport Pedicuremore
Cycling shoes
Cycling shoesmore
Adventure Driving
Adventure Drivingmore
Key start for a new life!
Key start for a new life!
Contact: Sports booking(DIAL 5005) OR sportsbooking@playitas.netmás


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