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Our varied sports program offers you the chance to participate in lots of activities that will make your trip to Playitas the active holiday of your life!. For further enquiries visit our Sportsbooking department which is open from 08.00-19.00 every day.


Telephone: +34 928 860 400 Ext. 5005

Week 09 begins on 27.February.2017

Time Mon 27 27/02/2017 Tue 28 28/02/2017 Wed 01 01/03/2017 Thu 02 02/03/2017 Fri 03 03/03/2017 Sat 04 04/03/2017 Sun 05 05/03/2017
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Adventure Driving
Adventure Drivingmore
Cycling shoes
Cycling shoesmore
Sport Pedicure
Sport Pedicuremore
Key start for a new life!
Key start for a new life!
Contact: Sports booking(DIAL 5005) OR sportsbooking@playitas.netmás


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